Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel are incredible. My 8 year old son suffers from anxiety. My husband and I have made the commitment to try to help him in anyway we possibly can without having to medicate him. When I heard these two Chiropractors worked with children I couldn't wait to pick their brains about kids with anxiety. I loved everything they had to say and couldn't wait for my son to try it out.
It probably goes without saying that my son was a nervous wreck the first time we walked in the door (even though I told him he was just going to get a quick massage with mom...I thought it sounded less intimidating) however, when we left he was as happy as a clam.
Watching Dr. Chanel talk to him and really get onto his level during our consultation appointment was like watching the best magic trick you've ever seen. She talked about baseball, summer camp and fun things that really got him to trust her from the get go. After their "hang out session" she put him on the table...explained what she was going to do (in kids terms) and told him that if he listened carefully he could hear some Pop Corn noises.
Next thing you know, my child that freaks out when getting a haircut was getting his back and neck adjusted. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen and still brings me to tears thinking about it. Ever since that first appointment, he has never feared walking in the office and most mornings asks "Am I getting adjusted today?"  
I can't speak highly enough of these two Doctors...they are treating me as well and I have never felt better after suffering from chronic shoulder pain...but the true reward for me is seeing how great my son is doing. I defiantly would recommend Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel to anyone looking for chiropractic supposed but especially those looking for someone to help with kids. 

- Alana C.

 After being pregnant with my first baby, I felt extremely stiff and wasn't sure who would be able to adjust a new mom who just had a c section. My baby also had issues with reflux/projectile vomiting and didn't like nursing on one side. After seeing Mary and Chanel just a few times, I instantly felt so much better and they were careful and respectful towards my recovery, catering my treatment to my specific needs. I also had my baby adjusted and he instantly had no issues nursing and the reflux improved significantly. I can tell that Mary & Chanel really listened to my complaints and put in thought and effort towards our treatment. I would definitely return to their clinic and know that you won't be disappointed as they are passionate in what they do! I'm definitely a client for life! 

 - Dominique W.


For over two years I was having sharp lower back pains when I turned my upper body.  I tried analgesics and physical therapy and nothing gave me relief.  I was referred to Dr. Mary and within 3 months my pain had been reduced significantly.  After six months the pain was gone.  I kept seeing her as maintenance adjustments until she moved to southern California. I now go to a gym 4 to 6 days a week to workout without pain. I highly recommend her as a chiropractor to help with your health challenges.  She is extremely understanding and listens to your concerns.  I certainly enjoy my time under her care.

-William B.

 I've been coming here for two months now and I can say that both Drs. Mary and Chanel take the time to listen to you & do proper exam. They took their time explaining the treatment and what is it for . I never felt rushed and I already feel a million times better. I can't recommend them enough. Very professional, ethical and top notch 

- Tarek A.


I wish I was able to leave more than 5 stars for Drs Mary and Chanel! I've suffered with neck pain for decades, even numbing and tingling in my fingers-sometimes so bad that I was dropping things. After ONE session, my fingers had feeling again. Almost 2 months later, and I still feel better. Huntington Beach, this should be your go-to place. Thanks so much, ladies! I'm forever grateful for you and your super powers. 

- Jennifer H.

 I first met Dr Mary and Dr Chanel at a marathon. I was suffering from a lot of hip and knee pain for the last couple years. After just one adjustment I immediately felt relief. I have been seeing chiropractors for years in New York and didn't see this kind of immediate results! They are very professional and friendly, you can tell they care about their clients to make sure they leave feeling better than when they arrived. Highly recommended. Look forward to returning and seeing future improvement. 

- Ella A.

 I've been getting adjusted for years and let me tell you, I've never felt better than after an adjustment from Dr Mary and Dr Chanel. Not only did they help me with my upper back and neck pain from my job, but also helped ease discomfort from prior, lingering injuries. Not only are Dr Mary and Dr Chanel knowledgeable, but they are so kind and caring. I highly recommend these amazing doctors and will be referring all of my friends and family.

- Mary S.


Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel are absolutely wonderful. They have worked wonders for my life, and for that of my daughter's. I have had back pains for many years, and working at a desk every day didn't help. My back felt tense and constantly hurt, and my neck was constantly hurting. This pain had been consistent for about 11 years progressively getting worse. Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel changed that for me! After about a month I noticed a significant change in my pain to where I felt great every morning getting up, and my mood was instant positive and uplifted. Not only did they treat my pain, but also educated me on how I can maintain the healing they have provided. My daughter, who is 10, had wrist pain and cracking with movement. I also took her for treatment with these lovely ladies and now she has minimal cracking and better movement after just a few weeks! I would honestly recommend anyone for a wide array of symptoms to seek chiropractic healing from Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel... best chiropractor team I've ever encountered! 

-Jasmine P.