Mission trips

Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel have been fortunate enough to travel and give chiropractic to areas of the world that need it most. Both doctors were part of the first ever non-profit group to bring chiropractic to the islands of Fiji. While there they served the local elementary schools and saw first-hand the power of the chiropractic adjustment.  Many children there had never seen any doctor before and were suffering from body pain.  Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel saw children's eyes light up after an adjustment, saw a baby make their first noises after months of silence, saw a girl with hip dysplasia take her first steps without limping, and saw a mother cry for joy when her child heard out of her left ear for the first time in years. 

Another powerful Mission trip was to Mumbai India. This was a large scale trip where over 100 chiropractors participated in a organization that brought food, medical care, emergency treatment, and shelter to over 7 million people of India. Dr. Mary and Dr. Chanel worked tirelessly for days to care for thousands of people. Miracles were witnessed with children and adults alike, feeling their health come alive for the first time. There is no better feeling than adjusting an entire family who had been taken over with ailing health problems. On this trip is where they found their love for adjusting babies and children. To see the impact of chiropractic on their lives will always drive Dr. Chanel and Dr. Mary to commit to educating parents on how chiropractic can help their children grow up healthy.