About Us


Dr. Chanel Putras

Dr. Chanel Putras D.C., found chiropractic while playing college basketball. During her years at Simpson University Dr. Chanel was in a car accident which left her with fatiguing low back pain. She sought out a chiropractor, and as a patient she learned that chiropractic is so much more than simply getting out of pain. While under care, Dr. Chanel saw her performance on the court and in the classroom expand into another level. After that experience, Dr. Chanel never looked back. She changed her life and started on a new journey to learn everything about health and how it could relate to expanded human performance. Dr. Chanel was known on the court for her consistent 3 point shots, unrelenting defense (all at 5’4”), and work ethic off the court. In school she was on fire, finishing all academic and clinical studies early. Dr. Chanel embodies the idea that when you decide something, you can achieve it with enough effort and enough heart. With that mindset, she wants to show people how they can take action with their health and live vibrantly, starting at birth. Here at Thrive Family Chiropractic Dr. Chanel is passionate about helping pregnant mothers, newborns, and children live their healthiest life. As a chiropractor, she’s seen first hand what chiropractic can do for families, and she wants to share that with her patients here at Thrive! 


Dr. Mary Garrett

Dr. Mary Garrett D.C., is the most passionate chiropractor you will ever meet. She truly lives the chiropractic lifestyle and loves to teach her patients, family, and friends the power of the Innate healing ability present within all our bodies. Dr. Mary has been an avid athlete since childhood. She is a Gold medal winning Equestrian Vaulter. This is the elegant sport of dance and gymnastics performed on a horse. Yes, you read that right. Standing, handstands, flips, jumps, and dance all on a cantering horse. Dr. Mary’s chiropractic story began after getting a minor injury while competing. Without knowing about chiropractic, she sought out the usual medical doctors office. The MD gave her a prescription for pain killers and told her to stop her beloved sport. Instead, Dr. Mary found a chiropractor who changed her life many times over. After healing from the injury, Dr. Mary continued to represent the United States team at 2 more World Equestrian Games (both as an athlete and as a coach). She could not have succeeded without the help of chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, and proper training. This past year Dr. Mary traveled to another World Equestrian Games, this time as a team chiropractor. Today at Thrive Family Chiropractic, Dr. Mary excels in treating all back pain, headaches, and addressing sports performance.